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Welcome to Millennium Professional Services 

We are an advertising agency, selling and buying qualified calls in the pay-per-call industry. Our goal is to connect the consumer with the correct client and avoiding overall reselling. We generate internal traffic through SEO and reliable search sources. None of our calls are external. 


Contact us today to become a publisher or advertiser.

We are an advertising agency with over 20 years of experience in the advertising industry.

Our expertise is in SEO and connecting our clients with top quality leads. 


Since 1999 we've been active in the advertising industry. We've been creating listings and advertising for local and nationwide companies. Our methods of advertising allow for high quality calls. Explore our network to browse through our verticals. 

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Pay-Per-Call has gone hand-in-hand with our advertising methods, and over the years we've been able to branch our and sell our quality calls to other affiliate networks, performance marketing agencies, and businesses like ourselves. 

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When it comes to building campaigns - we are in direct dialogue with the company we work with so that our campaigns are compliant with the guidelines of other businesses. Our goal is so that our customers to receive excellent calls. We use filters, keywords, and generic names to provide our clients with proficient calls. 



Our clients are important to us. Creating personalized and successful campaigns in our top verticals is our overall goal for any client working with us. We use SEO, AdWords, Analytics, and other ways of advertising to create the most efficient and lucrative campaigns for our client base. 

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Meeting Your Needs

Our team of bright minded and creative thinkers has been in the advertising industry since 1999. We've branched out into the affiliate network world and the pay-per-call world just a few years ago, but we still use our core methodology. We personalize the specific requests of each client so they can easily obtain quality calls in the verticals they wish to pursue. The bottom line is that we create personalized listings to give you the best quality leads. 

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At Millennium Advertising, we offer a wide variety of verticals such as locksmith and garage door repair. Our speciality is in the home services industry, but we don't exclude other categories. 

Please get in touch with us to speak about vertical opportunities as well as payout information.



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